A Photo and a Macro Fact

Just a quick one today – Señor Damselfly here was very fun to photograph. The only reason he is fairly sharp is a) it was really bright out and b) I used my tripod. Notice the verrrrrrry narrow depth-of-field when using an extreme macro focus. I didn’t get him quite in the middle of the field.
Also, here’s a photo of RAGBRAI in Laurens. That’s it for now!

6 thoughts on “A Photo and a Macro Fact”

  1. Great shot! I’ve been seeing a dragonfly flitting around my front porch for a few days now. (It’s probably several and not the same one.) They are so cool.

  2. Kasie, thanks! They are so brilliantly colored and fun to watch. I was mesmerized.

    Lisa, it was quite the hoot! The participants ranged from party people in bikinis and bandanas to Lance Armstrong. John Edwards rode one day, got off, and said, “my butt hurts.” :D

  3. sweet damselfly! also a great insect name (not that you had anything to do with that, but still).

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