2015 Calendar Giveaway!


I’m doing a fun little giveaway for the holidays – 2015 calendars! There are three ways to enter:

  1. Comment here, with some octopus related verbiage so I know you aren’t a spambot
  2. Reblog my calendar giveaway post on tumblr (meglyman.tumblr.com)
  3. If you’re my Facebook friend, share my calendar post

You can enter any of those three ways, but only once for each. I’ll pick at least one random winner and send you a calendar before the holidays!

You can also order one at Etsy! And for those awesome people who already bought one this year, you’re automatically entered.

Ends midnight PST on Dec 7.

6 thoughts on “2015 Calendar Giveaway!”

  1. Oh! May is Avengers! Yay! Wait… That’s not octopus related… Um… Tentacles? (I love your calendars!)

  2. Hey, I wouldn’t mind a free one! Or I can trade you for a stuffed crocheted octopus this year! Or I can pay money for one like normal people do!

  3. Hey all, thanks for participating in the calendar giveaway! It’s closed now, and I’m tabulating the numbers. I’ll let you know who gets the freebies soon, hopefully tomorrow!

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