Argiopus by Meg Lyman

Gouache on ACEO


Garden spiders of the Argiope genus are a sure sign of summer. Octopus of the Argiope genus are a sure sign of bizarre runaway imagination. I delight in both.

4 thoughts on “Argiopus”

  1. That is a definite calendar winner. I love the colours you used.
    Surprising enough I don’t often see those guys hanging around. Last time I saw one of these was I think about 4 years ago. I took a picture of it but my camera is not the best but at least I have some nice pics for personal reference.

  2. Underwater spider webs? I don’t think the divers will be ready.

  3. I am not sure if these gals range to the Pacific Northwest, but in GA, the last few years they were scarce. I haven’t seen any in Iowa in years and they used to be thick. I hope they aren’t going away…

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