2011 Cute Cephalopod Calendars

Ready for your purchasing pleasure! Makes a great gift that keeps on giving. $20 gets you 12 months of cute squishiness, delivered to your door. If interested, comment here or send me an e-mail. I can accept Paypal or credit cards. Happy early Holidays!

8 thoughts on “2011 Cute Cephalopod Calendars”

  1. OMG thats my toucapod! it made the cover freaking awesome its by far one of the best things i own. i love it so much

  2. Cephalopodmas is my favorite holiday. :)

    Estef, it is indeed! I just love the idea of it and it had to be the cover! So glad you like it.

    Alison, send Judy my way – give her my e-mail if you have it… Thanks!

  3. Very cuddletastic and handy too.
    I wouldn’t mind doing something like that my self with my own works eventually.
    Where did you get your calendar done?

  4. Got them at VistaPrint. It’s really easy to set up, and if you wait until calendars are on sale, it is a pretty good deal. You should totally do it! :D

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