2008 Art Goals


Mondays by Meg Lyman

4×6″ gouache on Bristol


Well, here they are… my art goals for the year. Read, take note, and be prepared to write a performance review for me at the start of 2009.

  • Register my business by March
  • Redo this blog to greatly expand its content and interactivity
  • Trim my website into a portfolio
  • Time all my projects with the new stopwatch Santa got for me
  • Complete the 100 Cephalopods project*
  • Promote my art on MySpace, etc.
  • Obligatory really vague goal: strive to always improve and learn
  • Do 10 shows and/or conventions

I’m off to work on that last one – the first show of 2008. I’ll talk to you next week, hopefully without all the art I hauled downtown yesterday.

*exciting details forthcoming!

9 thoughts on “2008 Art Goals”

  1. Sounds pretty good Meg, especially the obligatory really vague goal, it’s always good to throw one of them in there. :)
    I must admit, I’m quite curious about this 100 cephalopods project…do tell!

  2. My thoughts exactly. About Mondays that is. Reminds me of my favorite nightgown. Sigh…. the one I lost. It had this cartoon of a wiped out purple crow with coffee. I really miss that thing.

    But nonetheless very nice comic illustration.

  3. Monday? I look like that most days! :D Cute.

    Can’t wait to see the new blog & hear more about your shows. Sounds like an exciting year!

  4. Rita, 100 cephs info to come… *tantalizes*

    Casey, you are helping me fulfill one of my personal goals – to make people laugh.

    Tigress, those PJs sound fabulous! I finally wore a hole in my favorite Garfield PJs.

    Lisa, I look that was every work morning, too.

  5. This is probably the coolest cephalopod pic I’ve ever seen. And a nice representation of monday morning to boot. Awesome!

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