Dragon Stout

Imported from Jamaica, Dragon Stout is one of our favorites. I’d give you a link, but all my googling was in vain – I can’t find them on the web!

Dragon Stout comes in fairly small bottles – less than half a pint. It is smooth and slightly sweet, with the interesting characteristic that retains the same slight sweetness even after eating something sweet (like, say, chocolate). It goes down easy, like lighter beers, but with lots of flavor, like heavier beers. It has a hint of caramel flavor, and is full, rich, and savory.

M: 9.5
N: 9.5

2 thoughts on “Dragon Stout”

  1. Quit writing about delicious beer that I can’t find!! I did go to Whole Foods (1.5 hour drive) last week and they have a pretty varied (if smallish) beer collection–they had some Rogue Dead Man’s Ale, but I had already spent my money on Abita TurboDog (darker variety of a good local LA beer), Sam Adams Summer Ale (for the Doug–he brought me homemade jalapeno ice cream, so I owed him one), and Parallèle 45 Côtes du Rhone red, the stuff I always bought in Aix. Much more expensive here–le sigh. But I was feeling nostalgic. I spent $50 at WF, mostly on alcohol!! I’m turning into you. :)

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