Those Darn Staples

The Kleptoctopus by Meg Lyman

6×6″ oil on canvas


Thanks to The Sister for the title. Despite the fact that it took me a week of evenings to finish because of the slow-drying oil paint, I enjoyed working on this guy. But it brings up an interesting question: what to do about the staples?

Do you paint over them? Frame the piece? Or are you smart enough to buy only gallery-wrap canvas? All opinions requested. I have 7 more of these stapled 6×6″ canvases to paint.

A similar question: if you paint on cradled board, do you paint the sides, or leave the wood as-is?

4 thoughts on “Those Darn Staples”

  1. Hmmm- I think the staples will probably need a frame. The only alternative I can think of it to get some pretty trim from the fabric store and glue it around the outside of the canvas. Fabric glue shouldn’t seep through to the right side.

    Of course, you could just give ’em all tattoos and nose rings & be done with it.

  2. Lisa,

    Thanks for the input. The gallery I’m working with has a NO STAPLES policy, so I’d need to frame. But I thought, there have to be smart people out there with ways around it…

    I like your fabric idea! Makes it more collage-ish. I also like the metal idea. Put rings through the staples, and voila, instant hanging hardware!

  3. This still cracks me up. I am eagerly awaiting a catburglaring octopus sneaking around the corner of a moonlit house, with maybe a rose trellis for stealth… mwa ha ha!

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