Ten Fidy Imperial Stout

I was out buying beer a few weeks ago and lamented to the cashier that they didn’t have many dark beers available. Apparently people prefer stouts and porters in winter, and once the weather warms up, they want something lighter.


But they did have one new stout: Ten Fidy from Oskar Blues Brewery in Colorado. (If you check out their page, they also make Old Chub, a Scottish ale which sits in my fridge waiting to be taste-tested.) It’s only available in cans or on tap. I bought one can for a dear price of $4, but it was tasty enough that I tried it on tap at a Taco Mac.

Ten Fidy

It’s a nice dark stout. It has very little carbonation – in fact, it was so almost flat that it was just… weird. A bit like drinking Kahlua straight. It’s smooth and a bit tangy, with a sweetness like dark chocolate (although there’s only a hint of actual chocolate taste) and the aftertaste is quite bitter. On tap, it’s smoother and less bitter.

Can: 8.5
On tap: 9

3 thoughts on “Ten Fidy Imperial Stout”

  1. The picture shows a rather flat head, eh?

    You still liked it. I’d try it if I ever saw it on tap. Does it cost “ten fidy” ?

  2. Whatever indeed!

    Did you know Alabama has a beer alcohol content law?! That’s why life is so hard here.

    I like kahlua straight… I’m, once more, jealous.

  3. Casey, I think that’s where all the carbonation went. There wasn’t any left in the beer itself. ;) And it is expensive, but not *that* expensive.

    Nathan, no wonder. That’s nearly as ridiculous as the “no selling alcohol on Sunday” law.

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