Sweetwater Happy Ending Stout on Tap

This week’s beer is only available on tap, I believe. It was also a limited local run, and I don’t know if it’s still available. But we rated it, dammit, so I’m reviewing it, even if it’s obsolete. They might bring it back, you never know.

Sweetwater is a local Georgia brewery. I love their Sweet Georgia Brown, even though it isn’t dark. So I gladly tried Happy Ending Stout when I saw it on tap at a local tavern. It’s a high-gravity beer, which usually earns points in my book. However, this one’s taste left something to be desired.

It’s light & spicy at first. The second taste is very bitter and leaves you with a strong aftertaste. One acquaintance gave it a 6 and says it looks like Guinness but tastes more like a light beer. An astute and accurate observation.

M: 5
N: 5

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