Still Life with Readability

Cat Skull with Feathers by Meg Lyman

9×12 pencil on Canson

$60 – e-mail to purchase

It took me two tries to get this cat skull looking reasonably like a cat skull. You think you can draw from life, because you’ve done it before… but when you try it, you remember that it’s been a while and this shit is hard.

Casey’s blog has a neat little widget that says you need to be a genius to understand his blog. Makes readers of said blog feel smart, right? Well, how does this make you feel?

Elementary School

I suppose it’s nice to know that any second-grader could understand my blog, although the sarcasm may go over their heads. My inclusion of a swear word in the first paragraph is an experiment. Does it automatically bump the blog readability level to PG-13? Or do I just need to use more big words?

Unequivocally inconceivable!

7 thoughts on “Still Life with Readability”

  1. check out my reading level on my blog. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha and I hardley write anything. Go figure?

  2. Hay, that turned out really nice.
    I’ll have to do that some time with my small deer skull with antlers.
    One of my relatives hunted it down and gave it to me as souvenir.

    BTW about the name of your blog, Do you play Mega man X games? Just wondering since because they do have a bad guy robot with that name or something like it.

  3. Like I said before, i wish I rote it at a jr hi level. I wud get more readership.
    But, darned if I can figure out how that gizmo works. I know for sure that I have syntax and grammar errors.
    Hey, no wonder my kids talk about the Crash Octopus so much!
    Ever yours knowing how smart to really are,

  4. Love the sketch Meg! Cat skulls kinda freak me out (you’d be surprised how many of them I find out in the woods, although maybe that’s why they freak me out?)

    Don’t worry, my blog’s elementary school too. Can’t really think of anything smart-alecky to say about that… maybe I can find a 10 year old to come up with a snappy comeback for me?

  5. Kasie – ha! I think it’s an talent to be able to write concisely enough that an 8-year-old knows all the words. But… that doesn’t mean they’ll understand it.

    John, you are totally a genius-level writer. Those coloring book pages speak volumes. ;) Seriously, I have no idea how that thing works.

    Tigress, I love skulls, so of course I encourage you do draw your deer skull. Cool! And no, I haven’t heard of that game – I’ll go google it!

    Casey – I wonder if the widget looks solely at words? It can’t possibly be sophisticated enough to evaluate pictures, too? Ah well. It probably doesn’t even look at grammar or spelling, just word length. ;)

    Lisa, they sure are. Pretty colors, you know.

    Rita, thanks! I’m actually jealous that you find skulls in the woods. I’ve only found two and a half. Want to send me a few? ;) Do you have a lot of feral cats around?
    Also, let me know if you find a good 10-year-old – I could use a guest blogger.

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