St. Peter’s Cream Stout

Happy Easter and all that. I’m still going to be sacreligious and blog about beer, but at least I picked one named after a saint.

We found this beer amongst the very large bottles of beer, and they even gave us a paper bag to put it in. Half of the Beverage Resort’s dark beer selection is available only in huge bottles. We were driven to this area by one of the employees – an old Russian who following us around the store, talking the whole time. He berated Budweiser, extolled the Russian tradition of after-work vodka shots, and recommended beers to us. Sounded trustworthy to me! And the beers he recommended were good… but this one wasn’t one of them. We picked this one ourselves. Next time I’ll listen to the old dude.

The first impression I had of St. Peter’s Cream Stout was cheese. Yes, cheese. It tastes like sharp cheddar. Initially it is very sharp and savory, with no sweetness at all. It is smooth, but the sharpness comes with a bite. It’s really bland – the sharpness overwhelms your mouth, but underneath, there isn’t much taste.

After having semi-spicy chili for dinner, the taste changed a bit. The beer was still sharp, but the bite vanished. I’ve never experienced a beer taste metamorphosis before – must have been the chili powder.

M: 6.5

N: 7

Edit: I had to include this quotation from their website: “Lower carbonation gives the beers a refreshing, less gaseous palate than many bottled ales.”

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