Readability Update

Interestingly, that last post pushed the blog up an entire school. I skipped 4 grades in 2 days! It must have been the swearing. Or the big words.

Junior High

Since my ma reads this blog, I’ll lean the experiment towards big words, and see what happens. Bets, anyone?

3 thoughts on “Readability Update”

  1. I wonder if Comments are factored into the reading level calculations. I’ll endeavor to maintain a high median syllable quantity for purposes of the ongoing experiment. You can consider this my contribution to the scientific experiment currently being conducted. Heh.

  2. Stop right there! Junior High would be my target level! It is one thing to have smarts, another to show smarts, and quite another to be smarts…

    Love your blog, Meg!

  3. Thanks, RJ. You just used more big words than I’m capable of typing in a week.

    Casey, good point. I’m guessing “readability” and “understandability” aren’t exactly the same thing, but it’d be nice to cater to readers of all ability.

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