Plein Air Washington

A few plein air pieces from recently. I’m taking a gouache plein air class in a couple months so I’m practicing. It’s really hard.

meglyman_DashPointMay2016 meglyman_rainierpleinairBoth are limited palette gouache on scrap illustration board. The top one was tinted the day prior. Turns out I’m kind of a slow painter unless it’s a cute squishy animal, and my parts start to go numb before I feel I’m done painting. It’s a great restriction to help practice.

Last one for a while

The earnest person of honest narrow vision who comes along and says, “I don’t see that colour,” should have one’s sympathy, as looked for with his coldly accurate eye, all the glory of colour disappears and has no existence.

Page 138, Oil Painting Techniques and Materials by Harold Speed

An Ode to Art and Beer