Owl Stack


Owl Stack by Meg Lyman

8×10″ oil on paper


It’s been bright, sunny, and warmish here, making me feel like spring isn’t far off, despite the recent blizzards on that other coast. A good time to post this sunny painting.

I painted this to match a shower curtain (not my photo) I bought at Target, since my bathroom required art. I love being able to make art to match my decor! For my fellow artists out there, do you decorate your own house?

4 thoughts on “Owl Stack”

  1. Yes I would if I had my own house. But I still live with my parents. :(
    So I compromise with my own spaces like my bedroom for instance. I made this removable mural but technically its a banner that hangs on the back of my bedroom door. It depicts a fantastical tropical theme which features a cockatoo that is perched on a beautiful patio next to an inviting lounge chair that you can imagine lounging on while watching the sunset or moon set. Which ever you’re in the mood for.
    I plan on making another banner eventually for my downstairs makeshift studio/office.

  2. Yes! I painted my room a few years ago, I never officially finished it though. I have a squid shadow painted on one of my walls and serpents going across 2 of them. The fourth is a more or less an abstract painting with a few different colors that have things popping out of a blob of yellow.

  3. K_tigress, that sounds great. I could use a little tropical sunshine about now. And the flying squids are fascinating! I <3 evolution!

    Celery Sticks, squid shadows? I'm intrigued!

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