O’Fallon Brewery Cherry Chocolate Ale

No new art this week – I’m working my tail off on a portrait commission that I can’t show anybody. So, you get beer instead!

Our wonderful friends Kay-bot and Tonyzilla gave us three new dark beers to try. I haven’t seen these in our stores – our friends are from Michigan – enforcing my suspicion that I’ll have to do a cross-country beer-tasting road trip.

O’Fallon Cherry Chocolate Ale is something to behold. Although it’s an ale, its flavor is dark and delicious. As the name suggests, it tastes just like a dark-chocolate-covered cherry, but far milder and less sweet. It’s light and crisp, making it much more drinkable than an actual chocolate-covered-cherry might lead you to believe. The flavor is slightly more cherry than chocolate, and is very smooth. It has absolutely no bite, although a small bite might improve it even more.

A wonderful, refreshing, different beer. Smiles all around.

M: 8.5
N: 7.5

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