New Belgium Cocoa Mole Ale

I haven’t posted about beer in a while because I haven’t found any new ones worth mentioning. But I just discovered an excellent one in New Belgium’s Lips of Faith beers: Cocoa Mole Ale. It has many flavors layered together in a way that is interesting and not at all overwhelming. I enjoyed the entire big bottle without feeling overwhelmed, like you do with some strongly flavored dark beers.

The first taste is chocolately and spicy at the same time. The chili pepper flavor is just that – flavor, but not really hot. It also has a distinct cinnamon flavor, and the aftertaste is very spicy. It really is like an excellent mole sauce. I love it and can’t wait to get it at the store again. I need to go to Fort Collins again just to try it fresh. This one gets a 10!

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