Napoleon by Meg Lyman

8×10″ gouache and ink on board


This was a fantastically fun commission after Napoleon at the Saint-Bernard Pass by master Jacques-Louis David. I know I didn’t get the horse quite right, but it works, and I actually kinda like the end result. It makes me want to do more master copies with cephalopods replacing the subjects. Might make them more realistic, though, so they fit in with the original painting…

What do you think are some good master works to practice with octopus?

2 thoughts on “Napoleon”

  1. Sign me up for your next octopus-ified master work. I LOVE this!

    The Octopus with the Pearl Earring? Mona Lisa Octopus? Boticelli’s Venus Octopus Style? The Creation of Adam with tentacle instead of finger? American Gothic squids? Blue Boy octopus? The Scream(ing octopus)?

    And dare I say it…I may be struck down my lightening…but an octopus at the Last Supper would make you famous :-)

  2. Thanks, Alice! I love your ideas. I’ve been toying with Last Supper ideas for a while, including one that has Jesus as a goose (dunno why exactly). :D

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