Moon River Brewery Captain’s Porter on Tap

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, we found ourselves in Savannah, GA, drinking locally brewed beer at the Moon River Brewery. We tried several, but the only dark one was their Captain’s Porter. I love beer fresh from the tap.

Moon River Brewery

This porter was sweetish at first, but had a very sour aftertaste. It was not complex at all, which made it sort of boring. The hint of chocolate flavor was slightly redeeming.

M: 7
N: 5

2 thoughts on “Moon River Brewery Captain’s Porter on Tap”

  1. I’ve been to Moon River Brewery. I like their beer. I always enjoy visiting Savannah and walking down River Street. And nothing beats Lady & Sons for brunch. Best cooked vegetables I’ve ever tasted.

  2. I adored their honey beer. And Savannah was really fun, even though we were only there for a day.

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