Lawson Creek Vanilla Cream Stout and … Art stuff

Lawson Creek Vanilla Cream Stout is this week’s beer. It’s redeeming value is its availability; it can be found in most Kroger stores. And while it is vanilla-ish, its flavor is slightly bitter. Not the sweetest beer. It is quite tangy and has a creamy aftertaste, which can get annoying. But for a fairly cheap, available stout, it’s not toooo bad.

M: 5
N: 6

Art has been neglected this past week due to the holiday and the parents’ visit. However, I have a few tidbits to share:

1. My tablet is on its way! It should arrive on my birthday and provide me with much distraction at a time when I can’t afford to be distracted. Grandpa’s portrait isn’t going to paint itself by Christmas.

2. Using a light projector to trace photos is not foolproof. I traced Grandpa’s photo with it (to enlarge for the canvas) and it didn’t turn out very well. Movement of the projector and the paper didn’t help. Also, the photo is larger than the 3×3″ square in the projector, so I had to move it around on the photo and try to line it up with what I’d already traced. Lesson: tracing a large photo isn’t really any easier than using a good old grid.

3. My ma hasn’t painted in a year, and she comes and paints three little postcards, teaching me lots about how to use gouache, which she’s never used before. Mas are great.

4. Sculpting with two-part epoxy is fun. I shall post on this later when I have learned more.

That is all.

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