Lagunitas Imperial Stout

One of the half dozen beers we bought last week was Lagunitas Imperial Stout. It wasn’t available in 4- or 6-packs, only in those really huge bottles. (Well, maybe just 22 oz… but too much for one person to drink before it gets warm.) Nathan and I each got a nice-sized glass of beer from it.

It’s delicious. The website has an interesting description of it, but it doesn’t describe much about the beer itself. Unless you consider adjectives like “bourgeois,” “belligerent,” and “scary” as appropriately indicative of beer flavor. I’d describe it more as sweet, light, and fruity… for a stout. It has a tiny bitterness that doesn’t linger and a pleasantly weak and short aftertaste. It is a bit bitey, but in a fresh fruity kind of way, not a “whap you in the teeth” kind of way, as kay-bot so delicately commented. It’s not thick, heavy, or syrupy like so many dark beers. All in all, an excellent stout.

M: 9
N: 9

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