5×7″ oil on board



4×4″ oil on board

Cat practice! I’m still fumbling about for my personal “style” with oils, and I’m trying to utilize techniques from other artists that I admire. These two are inspired partially by my class with Qiang Huang, particularly his emphasis on edges and brushwork, and by Karen Mathison Schmidt’s fantastic pet portraiture, particularly her wonderful use of color. I love emulating the styles of other artists- it very clearly highlights

1. how difficult it is, this thing they do and

2. the things I love and the things I don’t love about painting in that style.

Sure, it looks fantastic when they do it, but I am not (obviously) practiced at it, and also maybe it’s not for me. It’s so much fun to try new things and learn how to make your art your own.

4 thoughts on “Kitties”

  1. That’s just perrrrrrfectly beautiful. You caught them in the act of something. It least that’s what their faces look like. Almost reminds me of this guys work.

    Which reminds me I have a few pics in my camera of my kitty receiving one of his most favorite foods. Lake smelts that I have to upload to the computer. I know there’s a really funny face in that. I hope I can use it for something. :D

  2. Hi Meg
    Just stumbled upon your site and am loving what you are doing here, both in gouache and oils. These are my two media of choice, too.

    Your kitty paintings are exquisite…..just lovely.

    I’d love to subscribe to your posts but don’t see a “subscribe by email” link, can you add me somehow?

    I’m besotted with gouache, like you, and would love to keep in touch or talk offline about this amazing media.


  3. Thank you both! Joanie, I don’t think I have a subscribe button, unfortunately. I need a blog and website upgrade, and when I do that, I’ll add the button. Thanks!

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