Felipe the Flaming Salamander

Felipe the Flaming Salamander by Meg Lyman

15×20″ gouache on illustration board


Don’t have much time tonight, since I’m driving to Ohio at 6am tomorrow. Here he is finished, although I didn’t spend much time color-correcting. I’m not sure how I feel about this piece yet. I am sure is my hand is happy to be not painting anymore. And sure of the relief that it is, actually, done.

Suggestions welcome. If he doesn’t sell, I can always make changes!

10 thoughts on “Felipe the Flaming Salamander”

  1. This is awesome!! The expressions on the other salamander and the burro made me laugh. Love how you’ve gotten that special “glow” that only a flaming salamander eating a taco can have.

  2. Thanks, everyone!

    Rita, I didn’t even know flaming taco-eating salamanders had a special glow until last week. Amazing, the things you learn while doing art!

    Kasie, thanks so much – it’s a great compliment.

    Jennifer, getting their eyes right took some rework, but I’m glad it paid off. :D

    Angela, thank you! Expressions are becoming easier for me after painting so many mouth-less cephalopods. ;)

    K_t…. ha! He could rent himself out as a campfire!

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