Con on the Cob 2008

Con on the Cob was a blast again this year. I had a booth inside the art show, with my art show (silent auction) panels behind me. This was the first time I had a setup like that, and was wary of people not wanting to come behind the table to look at the art and hopefully bid. People were more inclined to look closely when I wasn’t at the table… but that meant I wasn’t working my sales pitch on them. So… not sure how I felt about that. I think I’d rather have my panels up with the rest of the art show.

Also, the lighting was not so good, as you can see. The Racquetball Squid (lower right) is not even visible because it’s a dark piece, and the light that does reach it is reflected off the plastic cover. I should have brought some clip-on lights with me.

Aside from those minor issues, the convention was great. I didn’t sell too much, but the traffic through the show was light and the economy isn’t so healthy right now. Seeing my old friends and meeting new ones made it all worthwhile, 11-hour drive and all. I would love to give props to everyone, but there are so many hard-working, awesome people at this convention that it would take about a zillion pages. So, thanks to Andy for putting on a fabulous con (4 years running!), to Gunnar for running the Art Show like a charm, and to Tony and Kay for being my awesome roomies.

My favorite parts of the convention programming were the Iron Artist contest and the Crayola-and-Sharpie Fundraiser. The first was a spoof on Iron Chef, with the Artist Guest of Honor Ed Beard Jr. as the defending champion. We all had an hour to create something from a bunch of craft stuff and the secret ingredients… which we didn’t know about until the last minute, and turned out to be gourds. It was fun. They let us play with glue guns. They make great cobwebs.

Octopus Gourd MONSTER eating a submarine

The Crayola thingy was the best part. About a dozen awesome artists sat down for three hours, creating whatever art suited their fancy, but using only construction paper, Sharpies, and Crayolas. The audience members bought raffle tickets, and whenever an artist was finished, the creation was raffled off. The proceeds all went to the Special Olympics. It was amazingly fun to see what people could come up with in such a short time (each of us did about three pieces) and with such… unique… materials. Seeing some of the finished works… I honestly didn’t know crayons could do that. Here are two of my humble creations.

Also, there was Play-Doh. Guess what I made.

5 thoughts on “Con on the Cob 2008”

  1. Sounds like a good time was had by all, Meg (even if the sales weren’t that great…which seems to be the story of the year for a lot of people).
    I love the octogourd!! What a great idea to have artists do some work on site to be raffled off!

  2. Rita, yeah… seems like the year is getting slower and slower. With the economy and all… :/

  3. Hey it’s me! Oh and Meg too.:)
    COTC was awesome even if I only got to do the weekend. We always have fun hanging with Meg.
    More Crayons!!!

  4. Hi Meg,

    It was great to meet you and color with you at Con on the Cob this year! Keep up the great art you really caught on fast with those crayola Crayons!


  5. Thanks, Ed, it was great meeting you too!

    I’m thinking of adding more Crayon art to my portfolio…

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