Chattacon Report


I’m back, and in one piece! Conventions are really good for the artistic soul; I got a lot of art done, and I’m inspired. That’s the good news. The bad news is, I had a lot of free time to do art.

Not sure if it’s the economy or what, but I sold very little. Nothing went in the art show, and I barely made enough at the table to cover the cost of renting it. I was thinking that merchandise was the way to go, since art is a luxury item – put it on stuff people can use! But I sold not one t-shirt. They went like hotcakes at Dragon*Con. I still haven’t figured out the ebb and flow of cons and art purchases. I may never figure it out.

But! I met some cool people. I sat next to the neatest gal, and bought some beautiful handmade jewelry from her. This stuff is art as much as it is jewelry. She puts so much time and love into her pieces and each one is unique and has a story. Go check her out at Moonkist Designs. There’s not a whole lot on the website, but she’ll update it soon.

So… Chattacon 1, Meg 0. But I have a new friend and a knitted Cthulhu. That makes everything worth it. ;)


3 thoughts on “Chattacon Report”

  1. Did you ask around and find out what was selling at the con? Did you get any addresses, or give out any biz cards? There may be hidden benefits, there.

    And, of course, what was the beer like?

  2. Ouch. I’m sorry the convention was such a bust. The booth looks good, and at least it got you out of the house for a while.

  3. I did get some addresses in my mailing list book, so that’s good. I saw a lot of books selling, and costumes. I’m wondering if I was just in with the wrong crowd…

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