Chattacon and Coding

Still no new art. Still coding. But! Getting ready for Chattacon next weekend in Chattanooga, TN. Maybe see you there???

Also, a quick question. Do you like animated things in websites? I’m considering a new logo design for the new website, and I’m wondering if I should make it a flash animation that plays only once, when the main page loads. What do you y’all think?

4 thoughts on “Chattacon and Coding”

  1. My opinion : don’t waste time on website, flash animation or whatever.
    Just dress it with your favorite theme / colors, one or 2 octopus and that’s it. Better concentrate on your art. Website are too time consuming and it’s not what you’re showing or selling. A decent blog theme that you personalize a little and that’s it.
    Better building a decent art book / catalogue for future shows and online store.

  2. I’m with Ced on this one. Skip the animation, and please, no music! If you really want your coding to shine, make a dummy proof shopping cart for your customers. ;)

  3. Thanks for your input, everyone!

    Simple is good, for coding and for viewing. Flash is cool but I am beginning to think it’s best for websites that don’t have any visual/artistic content. Otherwise, the flash takes away from what you want the viewers to focus on.

    I hate animations in pages (and music) but it’s what all the cool cats are doing…

    And the cart I’m building rocks! I’ll let y’all test it out. :D

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