The Winoctopus by Meg Lyman

Digital – Prints Available

Cephalopods need more love and representation in art. They’re amazing, beautiful, intelligent creatures. They also happen to make great plays-on-words. What should I call this one? Winoctopus? Wineoctopus? Wine-octopus? Wino-octopus?

5 thoughts on “Cephalolove”

  1. I watched a PBS production about creatures from the deep recently. Did you know that an octopus can get into a bottle? I didn’t, but now I know why they do!

  2. Lisa – I’d heard of that but haven’t seen it. I love PBS and should scope out more nature shows. Last month they had a realy good one about cuttlefish.

    Casey – great to hear! I think maybe I’m finding out what motivates me to do art, and a lot of it has to do with making people laugh. Makes me feel all warm & fuzzy. So thank you, too.

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