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Quilter’s Irish Death

Quilter’s Irish Death from Iron Horse Brewery attracted me with its bottle design. Who wouldn’t want to drink a local dark beer with a skull on it? It’s touted as a dark, smooth ale. The flavor is good, but when I opened the bottle, it was flat. I purchased it less than a week earlier at a Safeway. (have I mentioned Washington now has beer and liquor in its grocery stores? YAY) There were a few tiny bubbles but only after I poured it as roughly as I could into a glass – no head at all. It was just flat. My question: is it supposed to be that way? I would imagine not. Any experience with it?

Skull Study (a.k.a Shorty’s Head)

Skull Study by Meg Lyman

Happy Halloween!

My life drawings are always better than my drawings from photos. It’s amazing the details the brain sees in a real object that are lost in a photo. This skull was drawn from “life” – hahah I kill me! – it’s Shorty the Plastic Skeleton’s head. I love having a life-sized skeleton to work from. It’s great for perspective practice too. If only he’d stay posed for me…