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Pirate Octopus sketch by Meg Lyman


Big news! I’m moving to the west coast in a couple months for work. This means the summer will contain 1) less art creation 2) fewer updates. But I’m very excited and will try to keep posting as best I can. And I’ll still be going to GenCon next month. If you’re going, come to the art show to say hi!

Anthrocon Proposal

I’m back from Anthrocon, and it was a blast! I want to thank everyone who came by my table and who bought stuff there and at the art show. Also, my friends Kevin and Steff got engaged at the Art Show, and several of us contributed art to help set the mood, and it was great to be a part of that. Now, on to RAGBRAI prep and doing a dozen more originals for GenCon and Dragon*Con since y’all bought them all last week. But first, to sleep off this con crud, bleargh.

Whale Doodles

This is Percy the right whale. I would tell you a fascinating story about the white spots on right whales, but it would destroy any illusion of cute I’ve created. They’re called callosities. Google them if you dare.

Happy 2012!

Party Crustaceans by Meg Lyman

The big news for 2012 is that I am planning to go part time at work to focus on art. The idea is exciting and terrifying at the same time. I have so many ideas, so many paintings I want to do, but not enough time. I plan to use my part time schedule to implement these ideas and do a lot of painting practice. I blame this entirely on my dear art friends Tony Steele (Our Hero) and Jeff Carlisle. Let the fun begin!