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Doglight, 8×10″

Had to say goodbye to my good old dog last week. He made it past 13 years with only three legs. Here’s a tribute to him doing his second favorite activity: sleeping in the sun. #1 was eating.

Miss you, Lefty <3

Bob the Dog

Bob, 8×8″ oil on panel

A pet portrait off to its new home. <3

This one’s just two colors plus white – ultramarine blue and transparent red oxide.

I feel like this guy is the first time I got the whole photographing-your-artwork thing right. Using natural light, bouncing boards, and RAW image editing.


5×7″ oil on board

This was a fun experiment with lead white. Turns out it gets really yellow after a while, but putting it in a sunny spot whitens it right up.

I bought this vintage lure just so I could paint it. I love the thing! What have you bought for the sake of a still life?