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Plein Air Washington

A few plein air pieces from recently. I’m taking a gouache plein air class in a couple months so I’m practicing. It’s really hard.

meglyman_DashPointMay2016 meglyman_rainierpleinairBoth are limited palette gouache on scrap illustration board. The top one was tinted the day prior. Turns out I’m kind of a slow painter unless it’s a cute squishy animal, and my parts start to go numb before I feel I’m done painting. It’s a great restriction to help practice.



Furiosa by Meg Lyman

9×12″ gouache on cold press

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I never gave this one an official post – here is my homage to my favorite movie, Fury Road.

I used gamut mapping and a limited palette to help this obtain the color-filtered look of the movie. My colors were, from top to bottom: gamboge (didn’t use much of this at all), titanium gold ochre, Hooker’s green, burnt umber, neutral tint, cerulean blue, and indigo. I also added a bit of quinacridone red for the faces, gold for the sparkles in the engine grease, and of course white. I could have limited the palette more and had even better color harmony.


Note how all the octopus are hanging on the same horizon line, through the upper middle of the torso for an average-height imaginary octopus. I initially sketched them all wrong, and had to review my perspective rules.

Bonus thumbnails:




meglyman_tooterfishTooterfish by Meg Lyman

ACEO gouache and ink on paper

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I am not sure why, but I wanted to paint a tuna. They are slightly adorable but mostly terrifying, especially when you consider their size. They can get up to 15 feet long.




Cowthulhu Redux


Cowthulhu Redux by Meg Lyman

8×10″ gouache and ink on board


I sketched one up in 2008 and had to redo it, this time with more spooky noisomeness. Original sketch for your reference.

I did this with a semi-CMYK palette and I really enjoyed it! My colors were Schmincke Delft Blue, Schmincke Magenta, Holbein Permanent Yellow, Daler Rowney Lamp Black, and M Graham Titanium White.