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meglyman_tooterfishTooterfish by Meg Lyman

ACEO gouache and ink on paper

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I am not sure why, but I wanted to paint a tuna. They are slightly adorable but mostly terrifying, especially when you consider their size. They can get up to 15 feet long.




Cowthulhu Redux


Cowthulhu Redux by Meg Lyman

8×10″ gouache and ink on board


I sketched one up in 2008 and had to redo it, this time with more spooky noisomeness. Original sketch for your reference.

I did this with a semi-CMYK palette and I really enjoyed it! My colors were Schmincke Delft Blue, Schmincke Magenta, Holbein Permanent Yellow, Daler Rowney Lamp Black, and M Graham Titanium White.


I Regret Nothing

meglyman_MLPMy Little Octopus

11×14″ gouache on board


This was a super fun commission and I have no regrets. Using gouache on flat areas of color, the way it was designed to be used, is both satisfying and frustrating. You had better mix enough of that color to get coverage and not have too much water mixed in, or you’re screwed.

Also, painting tiny outlines is oddly theraputic.

Bye 2015!

meglyman_furiosaFuriosa –  fan art homage to my favorite movie of all time

2015 was a good year. I was able to focus my art by doing more still life practice and background work, and I really got into the vulture culture/skull collecting community. I appreciate all of you – artists supporting artists, collectors, and the helpful and friendly vultures I’ve met. I hope we all have an awesome 2016!

meglyman_buoyBuoy – gouache work from a photo I took in La Push

meglyman_delacroixLiberty Leading the Cephalopods – a fantastic commission

meglyman_madronaMadrona – experimenting with oils and daily painting

meglyman_otternoveau_unvarnishOrange Otter – alla prima from life plus a little Klimt influence

meglyman_vanitasI_unvarnishedVanitas I – my first try at still life with lead white oil

meglyman_octophantOctophant – a fan suggestion and experiment in textures


meglyman_octophantOctophant by Meg Lyman

8×10″ gouache and ink on board


Thanks to a fan’s suggestion, I present the octophant! This was a fun textural piece. I used a yellowish underpainting and layered grey over the top, then textured it with a plastic shopping bag to look sorta like elephant skin. I put the bag down haphazardly on the wet paint, put a heavy book on it, and let it sit overnight.

The octophant was textured with brushwork – wet in wet strokes, plus some dry brush. Gouache is the best to play with. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.