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Peacoctopus by Meg Lyman

8×10″ gouache on board

This was a super fun commission, although the finished version had a kitchen background and added an apron onto the critter, as well as those feather dealies sticking out of the head. I truly enjoyed the challenge of the feathers. Their shape is soothing to paint!

Plein Air Washington

A few plein air pieces from recently. I’m taking a gouache plein air class in a couple months so I’m practicing. It’s really hard.

meglyman_DashPointMay2016 meglyman_rainierpleinairBoth are limited palette gouache on scrap illustration board. The top one was tinted the day prior. Turns out I’m kind of a slow painter unless it’s a cute squishy animal, and my parts start to go numb before I feel I’m done painting. It’s a great restriction to help practice.