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Mimic Octopus


Mimic Octopus by Meg Lyman

4×4″ gouache on board

$35 – e-mail me*

Here’s another of the 100 Cephalopods! The famous Mimic Octopus. It disguises itself, using its stripes and its arms’ ability to make cool shapes, as various poisonous sea critters, like snakes, lionfish, and stingrays. AMAZING

This was my first try with gouache on Aquabord and let me tell you, it’s like they’re made for each other. Great surface to work on with gouache/watercolors. Absorbent enough to *not* rub off (see my earlier posts re: gouache on Gessobord) and sturdy enough to scrub back to white if you make a mistake. I recommend!

*My e-mail was broken for a few days. I am in the process of updating my website, which is why it says “under construction” or something when you go to I was puttering around in FTP and deleted something by accident. I had to call my hosting provider and they charged me $75 for a backup restore. They only keep the tapes for 3 days. Lesson: BACK UP your website. ALL of it. I backed up the directory where my viewable files are stored. However, the thing I accidentally deleted was in the root directory. Important things live there. Back it up too.

Metallic ACEOs

Cat Eye ACEO

Cat Eye ACEO by Meg Lyman

Ink on ACEO

$10 – click to buy

Although you’ve all given me fabulous ideas about how to clean my scanner (thank you!), I haven’t tried any of them yet. Instead, I blissfully scanned more art, expecting it to turn out horribly. As a result, when it turned out OK, I was pleasantly surprised.

I got a pack of ACEOs when I bought some gouache from someone over on WetCanvas. About half of them make me wonder what in the world people DO with ACEOs. I have shiny, slick, metallic cards, cards with stripes, and hot pink. These black ones look neat, but they’re slick, so I needed light-colored ink to use with them. I’d been wanted to buy metallic brush pens for a while… so I did, and here’s the result. Metallic ink is waaay too much fun. And the scanner handled it OK!

Still Life with Readability

Cat Skull with Feathers by Meg Lyman

9×12 pencil on Canson

$60 – e-mail to purchase

It took me two tries to get this cat skull looking reasonably like a cat skull. You think you can draw from life, because you’ve done it before… but when you try it, you remember that it’s been a while and this shit is hard.

Casey’s blog has a neat little widget that says you need to be a genius to understand his blog. Makes readers of said blog feel smart, right? Well, how does this make you feel?

Elementary School

I suppose it’s nice to know that any second-grader could understand my blog, although the sarcasm may go over their heads. My inclusion of a swear word in the first paragraph is an experiment. Does it automatically bump the blog readability level to PG-13? Or do I just need to use more big words?

Unequivocally inconceivable!

Magic 8-Ball Snail

Magic 8-Ball Snail by Meg Lyman

Pencil on card-stock

$25 – e-mail to buy

I don’t know where my brain gets this stuff. I go do something practical for a while, and when I sit down to draw with a clear head and cheery disposition, it spits out this kind of thing. I kinda like him.

It Used to Look Nice

Cardinal by Meg Lyman

5×7″ Pastel

e-mail to buy

I spent a fairly long time working on this cardinal. It was my first time using pastels on Pastelbord, and I liked it. I overworked it a bit, but at least I’m starting to get the hang of pastels, and when to use the cheapies vs. the Senneliers. I was pretty happy with the piece.

Then I tried to be adventurous. I have fixative spray for Claybord. I know they make fixative specifically for pastels, but this fixative was specifically for Claybord. I thought, what the hell, might as well try it. …… BAD idea. I really hope I can help someone avoid learning this lesson the hard way. Oh well… I’d never learn anything if I didn’t take chances.

This is what it looked like before.

Fun with Pastel Card



Pastel on La Carte, 2.75 x 5.5

$45 – e-mail to buy

My lovely set of Sennelier half-pastel-sticks came with a tiny piece of the brand’s pastel card, La Carte. You know why they put it in there. They’re enabling new pastel junkies, that’s what they’re doing. It should be outlawed.

I tried the stuff to see what it’d be like. It’s far superior to plain old pastel paper. Now that I know what I’m missing, I want to go buy the expensive stuff. I might even sell my hypothetical firstborn for a set with all the colors. However, I have umpteen million sheets of Canson paper to use. Good thing it takes gouache without too much protest. I think I’ll be trying a lot of mediums on it before I use it all up…