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Vandring Igelkott


Vandring Igelkott by Meg Lyman

6×6″ gouache and ink on bristol


Sorry I’ve been quiet for a while – working the commission backlog and visiting my newly hatched niece! Here is one of the two pieces I painted for her. It matches the “Vandring Igelkott” bedding from IKEA. She seemed indifferent to the art, but her mother liked it. What the squirt did like is her uncle telling her about 18th century Prussian military tactics. Clearly I need to work on this child.



Ewoktopus by Meg Lyman

Indeterminate but small size, gouache and ink on paper


A fun commission from a convention last year! Sorry for the cell phone photo quality. I’m cleaning out some older art to post for y’all while I’m working on some larger projects, and a few long how-to posts. Lucky y’all.

Blue on White


Stitch by Meg Lyman

Postcard size, gouache and ink


Any other gouache gurus out there have a tough time getting the lighter blues to play nice with white paper? They do fine for me on toned paper, and the darker blues (ultramarine, prussian) do fine on white paper. But the lighter blues (cerulean, cobalt, and turquoise somewhat) just don’t want to smooth out. They tend to look blotchy, and get looking kinda chalky when layered. I’ve tried several brands of each and it’s repeatable across brands. Anyone?

I feel fairly good about this one, but I got the effect after much fiddling. I ended up laying it down out of the tube, evenly over the entire blue area. Then I scrubbed most of it off with a paper towel… and repeated the process over and over again. The paper took a beating well, so I got lucky. I guess that’s the way a lot of paintings work, isn’t it?

Cuttlefish Commission

For Ben, of his raccoon character
5×7″ gouache and ink

This is one of the first time I made use of my neutral, warm, and cool grey tubes of gouache. They’re from Daler Rowney and very fun to use in experiments. I especially like seeing how they mix with various colors, changing value and chroma. The biggest challenge with them (as with other gouaches, but it’s more noticeable using grey) is the tendency for darks to dry lighter and lights to dry darker. It makes planning your piece’s values more difficult, especially when you mix colors on your palette that dry lighter than you expect. But… who doesn’t like a challenge?