Breezy Wednesday

Breezy Badger by Meg Lyman

5×7″ gouache on bristol

This is the next installment of my nerdy Ubuntu Linux art. I was stumped at first – how does one make a living thing “breezy?” Windy, perhaps… but breezy? At first I tried to envision a badger’s fur rippling in the wind, and wasn’t too impressed with the resulting picture in my head. Then N mentioned Marilyn Monroe, and I was sold.

This one isn’t for sale; I matted and bagged it for the upcoming Anthrocon Art Show. I will blog about Anthrocon, and my preparations for it, this weekend.

8 thoughts on “Breezy Wednesday”

  1. It’s sooo wonderful, no wonder it’s not for sale. :) Your very imaginative. :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Meg, this is not only hilarious but really well done!
    I guess badger fur rippling in the breeze is a rather *ahem* disturbing image, isn’t it? This, well…this is just hilarious! Fantastic stuff!! :D

  3. Kasie, thanks! My creativity isn’t the problem – it’s trying to get it all on paper before I die. ;)

    Angela, thank you! I am thinking it will make me a few bucks at the silent auction.

    Rita, I really appreciate that! I am slowly but surely learning what works well and what doesn’t with gouache. And although it *is* pretty disturbing, I think it’ll get some bids at the show, which is why I’m a bit scared about going to Anthrocon. =D

  4. You could have went with the storm grate Marilyn was standing on — for scenery’s sake, but it disturbingly “works.”

    I’m betting it sells (quickly) at the Con.

  5. Yeah, the grate might have helped… but this series will be pinups, so no backgrounds. Next time I draw an animal in a breezy dress, though… I’m totally including the grate.

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