Blacksmith on Tap

We had a blast at an outdoor block party yesterday afternoon, alternating between burning in the sun on the blacktop and hiding in the air-conditioned pub. They only had a few Irish beers on tap, and were charging $11 for 32 oz. That’s a lot of beer, but eleven dollars?!? Aaaack.

Anyway, Nathan tried a “Blacksmith,” which is a mixture of the Guinness and Smithwick’s taps. It was pretty good, although it’s hard to drink down 32 oz of dark beer in the 90 degree heat before the beer starts to get warm.

Smithwick’s is a red ale, reminscent of Killian’s. It is brewed by the Guinness company. Adding it to Guinness makes it a little less smooth, although overall it’s still fairly bland. Adding the ale sort of ruined the nice head of the Guinness, which made me sad. Perhaps it was the warm weather, but having a slightly tangier, lighter version of Guinness made us happy.

M: 7

N: 7.5

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