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Flying Ace by Meg Lyman

Pencil doodle

Hey everyone, I’m back from Anthrocon! It was a lot of fun meeting people I met online. I talked to a bunch of great artists, traded sketches, doodled a lot, bought art, and sold a few things. I only moved 2 prints, one commission, and 3 originals, but one of those origials (the Cuddlefish) got 8 written bids, which sent it to voice auction. Yay! I have to wait until August (when they send out checks) to find out how much it went for, since I had to leave the auction early.

I met, bought art from, or am otherwise promoting the following great artists:

Ursula Vernon

Bloodhound Omega





Cassandra Rising

I think I am coming down with a cold. It’s either “con crud” or something I got on the airplane. Oh well. Time to go make art before my nose starts leaking on everything.

6 thoughts on “Back to Work”

  1. Oh I am so envious of you. I am sure that you had a wonderful time. :) This sketch is outstanding! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  2. I was at the voice auction and Cuddlefish went somewhere between $100-$125 if I recall correctly. I want to say it went for $105.

    There was a lot of stuff in the auction, so don’t quote me on the exact price.

  3. Aha! Doing the “crash-and-burn” after the three day party and trying to pass it off as a cold? Good for you. ;) Hope it was a blast.

    Congrats on the sales!

  4. Con crud…I’d have to agree with Lisa — is that just another name for a hangover. ;)

    I don’t need to go rough up any wolf-men or fox girls do I?

  5. Angela – thanks! You should try to make it to a convention, if you can. They’re fun and a great experience.

    Fenris – The last time I saw it was with 3 bids at $50, so that makes sense. Thanks very much!

    GreenReaper – it was fun, and I’ll definitely go back next year. The crud is fading already, and holy cow is that an impressive list! I need to plan for Rocket City Furmeet next year!

    Lisa and Nathan – you caught me, I’m just recovering from the party. :D Actually, I didn’t do much but art and sleep. Oh, and not wash my hands enough, apparently.

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