Atlanta Boat Show

Beach Mollusk 2

Beach Mollusk 2 by Meg Lyman

35mm slide

Prints: available

Hey everyone, happy 2008! I enjoyed my lovely, languorous 2-week break, but I missed you guys. I hope your holidays were peachy.

As soon as I got back, I began preparations for the Atlanta Boat Show. They have a gallery room with about a dozen artists, including my friend Rhea. We each have a booth to run, but most of us are only working the show part-time because it goes all day, Wednesday through Sunday (Jan 9-13). I’ll be working every evening and all weekend, so if you’re in the area, come by! Tickets to the show are cheaper if you buy them online before Jan. 8.

All the art is water-themed. I have plenty of cephalopod art to show, but I also dug out some photographs. I have a bunch of them that actually show water (gasp) so I framed them up.

I probably won’t get to post during the week (or next weekend) with the chaos of the show, but as soon as I can, I’ll give you a report. With pictures!

3 thoughts on “Atlanta Boat Show”

  1. I completely forgot about all the pictures. Hawai’i, Chicago, SC, there’s got to be water in there somewhere…

    Good luck at the boat show!

  2. Yeah, I nearly forgot about them too. I could have had so many ready!

    And thanks!

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