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Hey everyone! I’ve been quiet for the last week and a half because I’ve been at an art workshop. I went to Kentucky to learn oil painting techniques from the top-notch fantasy artist Larry Elmore.

This is the painting just before I had to leave. We took it from a photocopied drawing of Larry’s and a raw sheet of Masonite to here in 7 days. I still have some work to do on it, but even if I never finished it, it represents a butt-ton of learning. Remember how I said I hated oil paint? Well, I like it better now that I know how to use it.  :D

I met some fabulous people (Daniel, Rhea, Laura, and Erik) and reunited with good friends (Kelly and Ken) and had a blast. I’ll post this painting again when I get it finished up!

9 thoughts on “Art Workshop”

  1. Wonderful work! I kinda don’t like oils myself. I don’t really like to wait so long but this is a beautiful painting! GREAT Job! *HUGS*

  2. Meg, this is wonderful! I admire you for taking the plunge into oils. The background is great, but the folds in her draping are awesome!

    P.S. How do you tolerate the smell???

  3. Thanks, everyone!

    Kasie, don’t worry, you aren’t missing toooo much. I still like gouache better. :D

    Pierce – see above. ;) I am starting to like them, though…

    Angela, I totally agree, I hate having to wait for them to dry. The only good thing about slow drying time is the paint stays wet on the palette for a long time.

    Lisa, it was fairly straightforward laying in the colors with the detailed b&w drawing we had to work from. I could never paint drapery from memory – blargh. And I kinda like the smell. :D

    Casey, thanks!

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