Art Slump

Squid tree

Sketch commission, don’t ask by Meg Lyman

Art slumps. We all have them. We usually have reasons. But they’re rarely good enough to be anything but excuses.

I have been busy, so much so that I’m rarely at home. I’m keeping in shape at the gym and playing sports, and cultivating my social life by hanging out with friends. I don’t regret making the decision to go out instead of staying in and doing art, because I’m creating some great memories and spending time with people I love and enjoy. But I miss being productive, too.

Even though I’ve been busy, I could still slip in a little sketching here and there, but I haven’t much. I’m beginning to understand how I operate – make something a habit, and you’ll want to keep doing it. Stop doing it for a while, and all of a sudden it’s a habit to NOT do it. I need to work hard on making art as much of a habit as brushing my teeth or feeding my cat.

7 thoughts on “Art Slump”

  1. Take your sketchbook with you. Illustrate your activities with friends- just for fun. Make a memory book you can share with them. Time out of the studio can be as effective as the time you spend in it!

  2. Haha lovely clever squidy tree.

    Ah, I wouldn’t worry about it, every one gets in those ruts. Besides its healthy to do something else every so now and again. All work and no play and you know the rest. I know when I get in those ruts of doing nothing but my projects, my mind gets like jellow and then your creativity and conversations gets like melted whip cream. Then you have to stop, and do something else, see something new, do something else est. Then when your creative reservoir is all refreshed its time to get back down to business.
    And yeah the sketchbook thing is a great idea. Don’t forget to keep it by your bed side. Some of the best ideas come when your 1. in bed, 2. taking a bath 3. in a boring situation. 4. In church when you get inspiration 5. waiting for something like a bus, plane est. I’m sure you get the picture.

  3. Um, what if you sometimes forget to brush your teeth??

    Not that I ever do…

  4. It’s a land squid!!! Or maybe its closest cousin the dendritic squid…

    Wahoo for going out and having fun! You only have one life, right?

  5. Sometimes we need a break from art to stoke the fire again, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Don’t think if it as a slump, just a vacation for your creative side.

    Is it a deciduous tree squid? ;)

  6. Thanks, everyone. Great suggestions and motivation. I am feeling my inspiration ramp back up.

    Dendritic squid… HA! And yes, deciduous.

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