I enjoy helping homeless pets. I have volunteered at shelters, fostered kittens, and adopted (in my unbiased opinion) the best cat in the world from a no-kill shelter. She had been there three years.

So I want to use my art skills to help the less fortunate. I designed this little cat logo with the intention of getting it embroidered on stocking caps, just like my CrashOctopus hats. I wrote a letter to my favorite local shelter last winter, proposing that we make some hats and sell them at adoptions, with all proceeds going to the animals. They haven’t answered any e-mails or phone messages about it. Either it’s a horrible idea, or they’re too busy. I’d like to get your opinion before I proceed.

Is this a design you think people will buy? On what? Stocking caps… probably not at this time of year, at least in the northern hemisphere. T-shirts, maybe? I did a bunch of different colors and line thicknesses, and I did a dog logo, too. All suggestions welcome (i.e. would it look better with whiskers?). Meg wants to help kitties!

6 thoughts on “Adopt”

  1. Shelters strike me as limited on the free time. Always hard up for funds. Next time you’re there, I would do a face to face. It sounds like a good idea to me.
    I love the kitty. I wish you had a way to take one of our newborn kittens.
    We’re picking up the quick-rete tonight for more cat headstones in our pet cometary. I had to put down our oldest (indoor) cat, Shaka Klahn, yesterday. She lived all 9 lives and was well loved.
    Shaka was a rescue at a young age. I remember her standing at our door @ 14 years ago covered in mud.
    Maybe I need a CrashOctopus hat to make me feel better.

  2. Adopting a pet is always a wonderful thing to do! There are alot of pets out there that need good homes. Wonderful of you to remind us of that. Great post!

  3. Casey, thanks for your note. You’re right, shelters really are strapped for time and volunteers. Next time I go to walk dogs, I’ll corner the right person with a printed proposal, waving hats in my hand. And I’d love one of your kittens! Sorry to hear about your oldest cat. It’s so sad when they go, but it’s nice to know that you made their life better, and they did the same for you.

    Angela, thanks for your note! There are so many good causes out there and so many ways to make a difference.

  4. The kitty head looks a little potato-like, but I love the simplicity of the lines and the colors you chose as well as the “font” of your letters. It WOULD make a great hat! (Cat ON a Hat, anyone?) Let’s see the dog as well!

  5. Kitty Potato Head!

    Heheheh. Next kitty will look less tuber-ish. Thanks for your comments. I will post doggy next!

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