A Tropical Diversion

Hawaii Sunrise by Meg Lyman

5×7″ gouache on Gessobord

Although I will be going on several vacations this year, none are to a tropical location. So, for those of us who can’t make it to the coast this summer, here, have a beach.

I tried Claybord fixative on this. It worked well for The Shop. However, it turned the black areas of this painting into salt & pepper – there were little white spots everywhere. I had to repaint all the shadows. Lesson: black gouache doesn’t like Claybord fixative.

5 thoughts on “A Tropical Diversion”

  1. Love this Meg, what great atmosphere you’ve got going on in this one!!

    Did you do any type of sketch or underpainting with this or did you just have at er’ with the paint?

    Thanks for the beach!

  2. Thanks, everyone.

    Rita, I didn’t do a sketch, just went for it. The shapes don’t match the photo too well, but the compostion turned out OK. It is nice to just move paint around without too many restrictions.

    Angela, no, thank you! ;)

    Casey, it does? That’s a great compliment. I have looked at some of Parrish’s work on Maggie’s blog. What parts of this remind you of his? I think he makes great use of dark darks…

  3. The warm tones, and the extreme foreground to background view – like a frame.

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