4 thoughts on “Javactopus”

  1. Oo coffeelishous. Did you by any chance use any homemade coffee ink for that? Since that would have been the perfect choice for that up a notch experience. If not the character you could have used it for a wash in the background.

  2. I considered it, because how cool would that be? But coffee is so acidic that the art wouldn’t last as long. I did try making a coffee cup “ring” in the background but I didn’t use enough pigment on the brown paper.

  3. I love it! I could see this as a small “detail” incorporated into a larger tattoo; definitely a piece I’d enjoy seeing daily…just like my print of the octopus mischieviously eyeing keys on the table, I sit & ponder it often. Too bad someone beat me to the original!

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