Fun at the Zoo

They say life drawing is the best practice. I agree, simply because of how difficult it is. Drawing still-lifes is tough. Drawing a person is difficult, even when they’re being paid to stand still. Drawing live animals is just frustrating. They don’t hold still. If you want a dynamic pose, it’s fairly easy to capture the line of action, but details fall into the black hole of “I forgot how that looks.” Plus, at the zoo, you become nearly as big an attraction as the animals you’re drawing.

As a side note, has anyone noticed that most parents say really ignorant things to their children at the zoo? If they just took a moment to read the sign, they’d know that orangutans aren’t monkeys, and the bongo isn’t going to eat you.

Anyhow, I got into a rhythm today. Near the end of my zoo trip, I had my sketch on, and had it on good. I’d appreciate any comments about these sketches – which work best, and why.

7 thoughts on “Fun at the Zoo”

  1. I like the giraffe. He looks like he’s interested in something over yonder. I also like the roo in the lower right, again, because he’s doing something and not a static image.

    The others are all fine sketches; I just liked those two the best.

  2. I like the giraffe, too.
    Carson likes the antelope (cuz of weird horns)
    Amelia likes the kangaroo (middle left) just because.
    The kangaroo at LR is my fave, because of the acute angle. Also the Rhino for the same reason. Ditto the giraffe.
    Very good drawing!

  3. I like the rhino and the gorilla best. The gorilla looks thoughtful (even for a sketch) and I like the rhino because I like that angle that makes it appear as though you’re behind the animal but you can still get the suggestion of it’s face.
    Nice work!

  4. Wow everyone, thanks for the feedback!

    Lisa – the giraffe had his butt to the crowd and was chowing down hay. I liked doing those dynamic poses, too, because they’re more interesting. They’re also tougher, with all the, you know, moving. And nobody offered me peanuts to ease the frustration.

    Casey – those interesting angles are the best ones, aren’t they? I need to remember that next time I paint an animal. However, it’s tough to get photo reference for some poses. Guess I’ll just have to go to the zoo again. Say “hi” to Carson and Amelia for me!

    Rita – the rhino was obliging by showing his butt to the crowd (I notice a trend here), but from the side viewing area, I got a nice angle. The gorilla was just sitting and thinking – they’re such fascinating subjects!

  5. I agree with the pose angle thingy brought up — you artists. Something about the horned beastie calls to me. Maybe its the “twist.”

  6. We artists are very angular.

    Thanks for the feedback! The horned beastie is a bongo – I just neglected to draw its stripes.

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