Caardvark by Meg Lyman

Gouache on Canson


I made six little ‘varks, and will make them into a set of notecards. Do you think people will be interested? For instance, would you buy some (no obligation here, just hypothetical)? What would you pay?

2 thoughts on “Caardvark”

  1. Meg, I think your varks are adorable, and I laughed (out loud!) when I saw this one. I used to play poker with a guy that looked just like that!

    I still write to people, and will buy a box of note cards long before making a phone call. I’ve seen boxes of 6 priced between $12-$20.

  2. Thanks, Lisa! I appreciate the pricing input. Now I need to find a place that will print them for me at a reasonable price…

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