Orctopus by Meg Lyman

8×10″ gouache on Pastelbord

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I’m finally getting the hang of painting with gouache on super-absorbent Pastelbord.


One Inch Skull by Meg Lyman

1×1″ oil on board


Fun use for new paint tubes!



Alpaca (Camelid I) by Meg Lyman

6×6″ oil on canvas

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Value and brushwork study.


Vanitas I by Meg Lyman

12×6″ oil on canvas

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A quick study in the impermanence of beauty. This was my first time trying lead white (Rublev Lead White No. 2), and it was awesome. It really makes a difference with the textures and is great for painting skulls.

Below is the scan of the unvarnished version. Subtle but interesting differences.



Orca ACEO by Meg Lyman

Gouache and ink

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Orca blubberbutt <3


Bass Tentacle by Meg Lyman

Gouache and ink on ACEO paper


To accompany the Treble Tentacle, here’s the Bass. It has patriotic colors sort of, so happy Independence Day for USAians!


Nutria Jaw by Meg Lyman

4×4″ oil on board

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I’m fascinated with the delightfully odd shape of nutria jaws. They remind me of flowers, so I made this one pink. Plus I wanted to try out my Old Holland Ultramarine Red-Pink.


Bongo by Meg Lyman

5×7″ gouache on paper

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If I were a cephalopod that could change colors, I’d dress up like a bongo sometimes. Snail shells for horns and clam shells for ears. Cuttlefish cosplay.


Soooo busy. Have a lobster chef!

Gouache and ink on ACEO


Thanks to everyone who stopped by my table and who bought cute things to take home! I appreciate you all. Sorry I lost my voice and could only croak. Time to restock for my next show, Oddmall!

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